5 MiFi routers tested: Portable network

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If you're looking for a MiFi router, you'll definitely have plenty to choose from. In this article we've taken a look at models that support at least 4G LTE. We liked the Zyxel WAH7706 the most out of the five models we tested. This is also the only concurrent dual-band model in this test and it's priced very competitively. It also performs very well at 5 GHz.

For these reasons we award it with an Excellent Choice Award. For a little less money you can also buy the TP-Link M7350, a solid MiFi router that performs well in general. We award it with a Great Value Award. The Huawei and Netgear MiFi routers are also definitely very good devices, however we can't justify that higher pricing compared to the pricing of the TP-Link and Zyxel MiFi routers. In our opinion the D-Link MiFi router does not offer enough value for your money.

Zyxel WAH7706

TP-Link M7350


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