Intel 600p 512GB review: inexpensive PCIe SSD

PCI-Express price breakthrough?


Hardware.Info SSD Performance Score 2013-2016

Last up, the Hardware.Info SSD Performance Score 2013-2015. This score is determined by taking the geometric mean of the most important benchmarks (AS SSD, Iometer 4k R/W, Iometer seq. R/W, PCMark 7, PCMark 8, and both continuous activity tests) and normalising it, such that the best performing SSD from our last mega round-up (the OCZ Vector 150) has a score of 100 points.

The Intel 600p performs better than all of the SATA SSDs, but is a lot slower than the other PCI-Express SSDs. In terms of performance it is a lot closer to the SATA SSDs than the PCI-Express SSDs. 


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