LG 38UC99 review: 4K UltraWide

LG brings 21:9 UltraWide to another level


Brightness and contrast

The maximum brightness of the LG 38UC99 is more than 300 cd/m², an excellent result. The minimum brightness of white is about 52 cd/m² - quite dim, but we have certainly measured less than that. In a completely dark room you might find the monitor a little too bright if you have really sensitive eyes. The measured black value at maximum brightness is 0.38 cd/m², not a bad value, although we have seen better results with ips-monitors (of which the black value is usually higher). At a brightness of 150 cd/m² white we measure 0.19 cd/m² of black and that is a perfectly workable result.

The contrast of the 38UC99 is slightly lower than 1000:1 that we often see. This is probably due to the fact that LG calibrated the monitor in the factory; this nearly always means a slight decrease in contrast. In practice, the contrast of roughly 800:1 is a result that is not something we worry about.


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LG 38UC99-W

37.5 inch, 3840x1600, 111 ppi, IPS, AMD FreeSync, 75 Hz, HDMI input, DisplayPort input, 5 ms, 300 cd/m², 1000 : 1

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