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LG brings 21:9 UltraWide to another level


LG 38UC99

The LG  38UC99 is a super wide monitor at 2.4:1 ratio – slightly wider than the 2.39:1 of uwqhd-monitors or the 2.37:1 of wqhd-models. This means that you will see black bars at both sides when watching a 16:9 movie, but 2.39:1 widescreen movies will nearly always be shown full screen. We do have to mention that a regular Blu-ray movie offers considerably less pixels than this monitor has; an ultra hd Blu-ray comes quite clos but you will need to connect a suited external device if you want to use those. For now there are no optical drives that can play these drives and be built-in; the chance that these will be manufactured is rather small.

LG 38UC99-W

The diagonal of 38 inch combined with the resolution of 3840x1600 pixels (6,144,000 pixels) results in a pixel density of 110 ppi, meaning you can use every conventional piece of software without scaling. This means that you can effectively use every pixel for work space. The panel is a 10-bits (8-bits + FRC) AH-IPS model manufactured by LG Display, something that is not all that surprising. It has a slight curve (2300R), that is quite pleasant at this size. You do not notice any distortion when sitting behind the monitor. The backlight is not regulated by pwm, meaning you will not have any problems with regards to flickering no matter the brightness.

LG 38UC99-W

LG has placed the panel on a height-adjustable base that also allows it to pivot. Rotating is unfortunately out of the question, which is quite a shame. If you want to use a base with more adjustability you can use the vesa-mount. The back made of somewhat shiny white plastic looks quite good.

LG 38UC99-W

All of the connectors are in a cluster next to the base mount. In comparison with the 34-inch top models the connectivity is somewhat lacking, for example the monitor does not support Thunderbolt. It does support hdmi 2.0 (2x), DisplayPort 1.2 (up to 75Hz, with Freesync with a limited range of 52-75Hz) and a usb type-c connector, which serves as upstream for two usb 3.0 host-ports that are also present here. This usb type-c connector also supports video, at a maximum frequency of 60Hz. Furthermore the monitor has a headphone jack and comes with two built-in 10W speakers.

LG 38UC99-W

In terms of controls you can use the joystick that is placed in the middle under the edge of the panel. It does not work very intuitive – if you move it away or towards yourself it only shows an indication of the current connection. Left and right changes the volume levels. You need to press it in order to open the osd that allows you to change settings. We find these controls on quite a few LG monitors in the higher segment, but are not really excited about it.

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LG 38UC99-W

37.5 inch, 3840x1600, 111 ppi, IPS, AMD FreeSync, 75 Hz, HDMI input, DisplayPort input, 5 ms, 300 cd/m², 1000 : 1

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