LG 38UC99 review: 4K UltraWide

LG brings 21:9 UltraWide to another level


Specifications and test results

On this page you can find the complete specifications and test results of the LG 38UC99.

Product name38UC99-W
Product code38UC99-W
DetailsProduct info
Panel specifications
Screen size37.5 inch
Pixel density111 ppi
TFT panel typeIPS
Curved screen
Aspect ratio21:9
Pixel size0.229 mm
3D support
Overdrive function available
120 Hz
144 Hz
AMD FreeSync
AMD FreeSync min. freq.52 Hz
AMD FreeSync max. freq.75 Hz
Nvidia G-Sync
Maximum refresh rate75 Hz
Anti motion blurLG 1ms Motion Blur Reduction
D-Sub input
DVI input
HDMI input
Number of HDMI inputs2
Highest compatible at HDMI-version2.0
HDMI audio output
3,5mm jack audio in
DisplayPort input
Mini-DisplayPort input
Number of Display Port inputs1
DisplayPort output
Picture in Picture
Picture by Picture
USB Type-C
Integrated USB HUB
USB version3.0
Integrated speakers
Built-in webcam
Memory card reader
Built-in TV tuner
Physical specifications
Size - Width89.8 cm
Size - Height46.5 cm
Size - Depth32 cm
Height adjustable
Minimum height top bezel46.5 cm
Maximum height top bezel57.7 cm
Maximum height adjustment11.2 cm
Portrait mode
Mounting SizeVesa 100mm
Weight9.83 kg
Manufacturer specifications
Colours1070 mln
Brightness300 cd/m²
Contrast ratio1000 : 1
Maximum horizontal view angle178 °
Maximum vertical view angle178 °
Total response time5 ms
Flicker reduction
Power consumption (active)70 W
Power consumption (standby)0.3 W
Pixel policy / Warranty
Warranty period2 year(s)
Included accessories
Remote control
Digital video cable included
Reactietijden en inputlag
Overdrive on by default
Response time (0%-100%)10.58 ms
Response time (100%-0%)8.4 ms
Response time (100%-0%-100%)19 ms
Response time (20%-80%)17.02 ms
Response time (80%-20%)10.13 ms
Response time (20%-80%-20%)27.2 ms
Response time OD (0%-100%)10.16 ms
Response time OD (100%-0%)8.11 ms
Response time OD (100%-0%-100%)18.3 ms
Response time OD (20%-80%)6.8 ms
Response time OD (80%-20%)7.41 ms
Response time OD (20%-80%-20%)14.2 ms
Overshoot OD max18 %
Undershoot OD max3 %
Response time OD opt. (0%-100%)10.16 ms
Response time OD opt. (100%-0%)8.11 ms
Response time OD opt. (0%-100%-0%)18.3 ms
Response time OD opt. (20%-80%)6.8 ms
Response time OD opt. (80%-20%)7.41 ms
Response time OD opt. (20%-80%-20%)14.2 ms
Overshoot OD opt.18 %
Undershoot OD opt.3 %
Name OD opt.Fast
Input lag comp. to CRT0 ms
Input lag low (top)2.1 ms
Input lag average (center)9.7 ms
Input lag high (bottom)17.3 ms
Image display time15.2 ms
Test results power usage
Energieverbruik 150 cd/m² (wit)44.2 W
Energieverbruik 150 cd/m² (zwart)33.1 W
Energie consumption (white)66.7 W
Energie consumption (black)53.1 W
Energie consumption (standby)0.6 W
Energie consumption (off)0.2 W
Standaardweergave helderheid en contrast
Standaardweergave profielinstelling monitorCustom
Helderheid minimaal wit51.86 cd/m²
Helderheid maximaal wit302.8 cd/m²
Helderheid maximaal zwart0.38 cd/m²
Contrast maximale helderheid796.8 : 1
Contrast 150 cd/m²799 : 1
Checkerboard contrast 150 cd/m²830 : 1
Fullscreen helderheid wit 150 cd/m²151.54 cd/m²
Fullscreen helderheid zwart 150 cd/m²0.19 cd/m²
Fullscreen contrast 150 cd/m²797.6 : 1
Lowest vs highest white75 %
Average vs brightest white85 %
Lowest brightness white130.28 cd/m²
Highest brightness white174.23 cd/m²
Lowest vs highest black67 %
Average vs highest black82 %
Lowest brightness black0.15 cd/m²
Highest brightness black0.22 cd/m²
Viewing angles
45° left remaining brightness51 %
45° left avg. colour deviation ΔE 200013.4
45° left SD colour deviation ΔE 20003.3
45° right remaining brightness51 %
45° right avg. colour deviation ΔE 200013.2
45° right SD colour deviation ΔE 20003.4
45° above remaining brightness28 %
45° above avg. colour deviation ΔE 200022.9
45° above SD colour deviation ΔE 20006.8
45° below remaining brightness29 %
45° below avg. colour deviation ΔE 200021.7
45° below SD colour deviation ΔE 20006.4
Standard mode X-Rite i1 Display Pro & Basic Pro 2
Helderheid wit 150 cd/m²151.77 cd/m²
Helderheid zwart 150 cd/m²0.19 cd/m²
Kleurtemperatuur wit6651 K
Afwijking van ideale kleurtemperatuur151 K
Contrast 150 cd/m²799 : 1
Dekking gamut105.3 %
Kleurafwijking wit ΔE 20003.97
Kleurafwijking grijs 80 ΔE 20006.39
Kleurafwijking grijs 65 ΔE 20007.03
Kleurafwijking grijs 50 ΔE 20007.1
Kleurafwijking grijs 35 ΔE 20006.81
Kleurafwijking zwart ΔE 20001.02
Kleurafwijking huid donker ΔE 20004.72
Kleurafwijking huid licht ΔE 20005.06
Kleurafwijking hemelsblauw ΔE 20005.06
Kleurafwijking bladgroen ΔE 20002.07
Kleurafwijking bloemblauw ΔE 20004.35
Kleurafwijking blauwgroen ΔE 20003.25
Kleurafwijking oranje ΔE 20004.38
Kleurafwijking paars blauw ΔE 20003.79
Kleurafwijking middenrood ΔE 20002.12
Kleurafwijking paars ΔE 20001.38
Kleurafwijking geelgroen ΔE 20001.67
Kleurafwijking oranjegeel ΔE 20002.65
Kleurafwijking blauw ΔE 20002.65
Kleurafwijking groen ΔE 20001.35
Kleurafwijking rood ΔE 20002.33
Kleurafwijking geel ΔE 20002.76
Kleurafwijking magenta ΔE 20001.59
Kleurafwijking cyaan ΔE 20003.5
Kleurafwijking 100% Rood ΔE 20005.58
Kleurafwijking 100% Groen ΔE 20001.42
Kleurafwijking 100% Blauw ΔE 20002.75
Kleurafwijking 100% Cyaan ΔE 20001.01
Kleurafwijking 100% Magenta ΔE 20001.1
Kleurafwijking 100% Geel ΔE 20001.62
SD kleurafwijking ΔE 20001.88
Gem. kleurafwijking ΔE 20003.35
Gamma 0%2.2
Gamma 10%2.46
Gamma 20%2.30
Gamma 30%2.21
Gamma 40%2.17
Gamma 50%2.18
Gamma 60%2.17
Gamma 70%2.13
Gamma 80%2.22
Gamma 90%2.39
Gamma 100%2.2
SD gamma0.12
Gemiddeld gamma2.25
Gamma (afwijking van 2,2)0.05
Grijsafwijking 0% ΔE 20001.02
Grijsafwijking 10% ΔE 20001.59
Grijsafwijking 20% ΔE 20003.20
Grijsafwijking 30% ΔE 20004.44
Grijsafwijking 40% ΔE 20005.32
Grijsafwijking 50% ΔE 20006.00
Grijsafwijking 60% ΔE 20006.59
Grijsafwijking 70% ΔE 20007.03
Grijsafwijking 80% ΔE 20006.99
Grijsafwijking 90% ΔE 20006.29
Grijsafwijking 100% ΔE 20003.80
SD grijsafwijking ΔE 20001.97
Gem. grijsafwijking ΔE 20004.88

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LG 38UC99-W

37.5 inch, 3840x1600, 111 ppi, IPS, AMD FreeSync, 75 Hz, HDMI input, DisplayPort input, 5 ms, 300 cd/m², 1000 : 1

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