Corsair Carbide Air 740 review: bigger air tunnel

Is bigger also better?



Bigger is better: that was the slogan used by Corsair at the introduction of the Carbide Air 740. This is a bigger member in the Air-series, marked by the special layout of two compartments. But is bigger also better?

Corsair Carbide Air 740

While the Air 740 is positioned as a larger version of the Air 540, there are some clear differences between the two, both on the inside as well as on the outside of the case. Because the case is only slightly more expensive than the three year older brother at the time of writing, you could look at it as the successor of the Air 540. Despite the size increase, a regular ATX-motherboard still fits.

The comparison

There are only a few manufacturers that have adopted the two-compartment layout of the Corsair Air-series. Therefore, we will primarily look at competition that is at least somewhat comparable in terms of size and price. In the graphs you will also find the Air 540, the spiritual ancestor of the Air 740. With dimensions of 34 by 41.4 and 51 centimeters, the volume of the case comes to a total of nearly 72 dm³.

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