Battlefield 1 review: benchmarks with 13 graphics cards

Benchmarks in Full HD, WQHD en Ultra HD



Next week is the official release of Battlefield 1, the latest game in the Battlefield-franchise of Electronic Arts. Apart from its better graphics, Battlefield 1 also is one of the first important games with support for DirectX 12. We benchmarked the game with thirteen graphics cards to see exactly what you would need to be able to play the game well.

Battlefield is EA's most important first person shooter, developed by EA DICE. The Second World War, Vietnam and the modern era have all been featured in this series, but the First World War is not really popular in the world of games. In part this is because hanging around in trenches and shooting semi-automatic weapons is not extremely exciting, if you want to keep the game realistic. Battlefield 1 should be a game that attempts to be as realistic as possible, without sacrificing gaming experience. 

An Ultra HD Ultra (DX12) screenshot in Battlefield 1 (click for a larger version).

Just like its predecessor, Battlefield 1 uses the Frostbite Engine, apparently the very same version. Of course it has been improved greatly in the three  years since the release of Battlefield 4, because now it offers support for DirectX 12. The preview-build of a while back also had an option to enable DirectX 12, but since Fraps and other DirectX 11-only programs continued to function in DirectX 12 mode, we strongly suspected that it was not a DirectX 12 game.

This should be different with the final version of Battlefield 1, but not all features of the DirectX 12 API are yet supported. In our test, Explicit Multi-GPU did not function. SLI and CrossFire did work, but only in DirectX 11 mode. It remains possible that the game will be patched in the future to include this feature, but that is speculation at this point.

Battlefield 1 will be launched on October 21. Individuals who have purchased the more expensive versions of the game can start playing the game on October 18, and if you get an Origin Access account, you can play at most 10 hours of Battlefield 1 even before that time.

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