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In Win enters the retail power supply market



You would think that the market for power supplies is already overpopulated, but time and again new players seem to try. In Win holds some solid cards in the sense that it has already been manufacturing power supplies for others, as OEM-manufacturer. This changes with the release of the Classic Series C. The brushed aluminum housing is very unique. We tested the Classic Series C 750W.  

During the last couple of years, In Win made a name for itself with their extraordinary case designs. Aside from multiple ‘Frame’ models, In Win also released more affordable cases. One of the characteristics is the use of (mostly thick) aluminum. This power supply is also built of this material on the outside, whereas this is usually steel. The black, brushed aluminum gives the power supply a unique look.

In Win Classic Series C 750W

The In Win Classic C 750W is an 80Plus Platinum power supply, meaning it should have an efficiency of 94% at 50% load. It is fully modular and comes with flat cables. While it is not semi-passive, the rpm of the fan still depends on how hot the power supply is. This fan is a Hypro Bearing Adda AD1212DX-A70GL.

In Win mostly uses Nippon Chemi-Con capacitors as primary and secondary capacitors, although we did find some secondary capacitors that had no indication of their origin.

In Win Classic Series C 750W

The company offers a seven year warranty period for the Classic C 750W; this is relatively normal for Platinum-rated power supplies (we sometimes see 10 and 5 years, in some cases even 3 years).

The In Win Classic Series C 750W has an average price of 195 dollars – a fairly high price, but note that the power supply is not yet readily available. The official MSRP is 191 dollars; the price will presumably drop when the availability increases.

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In Win Classic Series C 750W

750 W, 92 %, 80 Plus Platinum, Modular, 100 A

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