5 Vpn routers review: safe tunnels to the inside and the outside

Is an affordable VPN-router worth buying?



If you're a capable router user there shouldn't be any issues with your home network, but that doesn't have to be the case for connections from and to the outside. With a VPN router you can shield these well. We took a good look at said routers.

A VPN connection can be set up in two ways, from the outside to the inside or from the inside to the outside. If you use a router to set up this connection, it will function as a VPN server in the first case, in the second case it will function as a VPN client. Traditionally VPN's are used in professional environments. For example, if you work from home and you log into the network of your company, you're connecting to the VPN server of the router which is used by your company. The other way around works similarly, you set up the VPN tunnel with the other locations from your side first, for example to connect data centers with each other. Your router will then function as a VPN client. This connection is also commonly called a client-to-site connection.

VPN connections may have their roots in the professional segment of the market, but they're getting more popular under 'average' consumers. Not in the least because more manufacturers are offering VPN capabilities on their (high-end) routers. Mainly the option to setup your router as a VPN server in order to access it from the outside, has been built in by manufacturers such as Asus and Netgear for quite a while. Right now we're seeing the release of the first routers with VPN client features, which allows you to connect the router with a VPN server or service in order to let all of your internet traffic go through the VPN instead of your router. This is very useful, since you don't have to set up every device independently, you only have to set up your router. Furthermore there are devices that aren't capable of setting up a VPN connections, such as game consoles. If you want to establish a VPN connection with a device like that, you'll have to do that through your router itself.

High-end consumer routers such as the Asus RT-AC88U are offering more and more extensive VPN features.


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