500 GB SSD review: 20 models in the sweet spot

The quest for the best 500 GB SSD



Now that the price per gigabyte of a lot of SSDs continues to go down, SSDs with more capacity become a lot more interesting. Right now 500 GB SSDs offer a lot for what they cost, making it interesting to take a closer look. Here we compare 20 2.5 inch models.

The times that a small SSD had to be combined with a hard drive out of necessity in order to store for example games is over by now. Nowadays even the 1 TB-models are not that expensive, and 480 GB could even be marked as cheap. These are also the more sensible models available, because 1 TB could be overkill and there is only one SSD that has 750 GB of storage, the Crucial MX300 750 GB.

Manufacturers have shifted their focus to 480 GB drives more than ever. For example, we receive a lot more SSDs that have 480 GB of storage compared to every other capacity. This is primarily the case for budget SSDs, like the Crucial BX200 and the OCZ Trion 150.

Aside from the better price/performance ratio, budget SSDs also have another advantage with a relatively high capacity (such as 480 GB). Because more memory chips can be controlled in parallel, they can still achieve respectable speeds even though the used memory chip is relatively cheap. We noticed this with the Crucial BX200, among others: the 480 GB-variant was pretty fast, while the 240 GB was kind of slow. This is obviously a bigger advantage for a budget product compared with a faster SSD that is already on the edge of the maximum of the SATA600-standard.

The large amount of 480GB-drives that we have tested is perfect for a big comparison test where we compare as many different models as possible. To keep things clear, we limit ourselves to 2.5 inch drives with the SATA600-interface. In terms of price these drives range from 137 dollars to 335 dollars.

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