Gaming at 120 and 144 Hz: what graphics card do you need?

20 games tested in Full HD, WQHD and Ultra HD



With the faster graphics cards of today not only does gaming at Ultra HD resolution become more of a reality, also gaming at higher framerates such as 120 or 144 Hz is achievable. Especially in first person shooters and other ‘fast’ games this can lead to an advantage. In this review we take a look at with what graphics cards it becomes practical to play at these framerates in 20 different games.

Monitors with 120 and 144 Hz become more and more popular. For a long time people doubted if these higher framerates would offer an actual advantage. Two years ago we tested this, and it turned out that most people could definitely distinguish the difference between 60 and 120 frames per second, or fps.

What graphics card do you need to play (among other titltes) Battlefield 4 at 120 or 144 fps?

The downside is that you need a graphics card that is a lot more powerful, and even then you will only be able to achieve these framerates at Full HD. It definitely costs a lot to game at 120 or 144 Hz, but you will have to be contend with a lower resolution.

Usually we look at the average framerate that the cards achieve in all games, but it is also productive to take a look at the amount of games in which the card can get a certain framerate. This allows us to minimalize the outliers. In magazine #3/2016 we take a look at a couple of different games where you can achieve 60 fps with different graphics cards, in this review we look at the amount of games where you can achieve a minimum of 120 and 144 fps.

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