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Recently Kingston released the new UV400 SSD series. These are the first Kingston drives for the European market that use TLC-memory, meaning they should be available at relatively low prices. In this review we take a look at this new series and test the 480GB-variant.

While most manufacturers have been using TLC-memory for their budget and/or middleclass SSDs, Kingston used MLC a bit longer. TLC-flash memory stores 3 bits per memory cell, lowering the cost. The downside to this is that in practice the speed and durability of TLC SSDs are somewhat worse. This did not stop the push of TLC, because as we know there has been a race to the bottom in the budget SSD market. Manufacturers primarily compete in terms of price and a lot less in terms of performance.

Kingston SSDNow UV400 480GB

Kingston has been successful in offering the UV400 for a low price. Nearly all the UV400 models are available for a lower price than the BX200 and the Trion 150, the two other budget SSD series where the main selling point is the particularly low price. An exception to this is the 960GB variant, which costs a bit more on average.

  UV400 Trion 150 BX200

47 dollars

58 dollars


71 dollars

83 dollars

77 dollars


132 dollars

142 dollars

140 dollars


297 dollars

277 dollars

292 dollars

The UV400 480GB is available from 121 dollars, which is extremely cheap.

On the next page we will briefly describe the UV400 480GB.

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Kingston SSDNow UV400 480GB

SSD, 480 GB, Serial ATA 600, Marvell 88SS1074, 550 MB/s, 500 MB/s, 2.5 inch

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