Crucial MX300 750GB review: first 3D NAND SSD from Crucial

First 3D NAND SSD from Crucial



After Samsung, Crucial also introduces an SSD based on 3D NAND, namely the Crucial MX300 series. The primary advantage of 3D NAND is that the memory chips can be manufactured cheaper, while they are still using a relatively big process and therefore should lose less of their durability. In this review we take a closer look at the Crucial MX300 750GB.

3D NAND is the future of flash memory, but for now not all manufacturers have succeeded in releasing 3D NAND SSDs. Samsung of course has been using their 3D V-NAND for several generations now, but in this the company is ahead of the competition. Crucial now enters the market as the second manufacturer with an SSD based on this technology.

We previously covered the advantages of 3D V-NAND, but in short this means that the production can be done in an inexpensive way even though the process is relatively big. Samsung’s 3D V-NAND for example is 40nm, compared to sizes of under 20nm for most ‘planar’ SSDs. Those shrinks do not give direct advantages to SSDs as they do with processors. The durability does decrease a little bit. Manufacturers do like to produce using a smaller process, because this reduces costs and therefore allows them to offer their products for a cheaper price.

Crucial MX300 750GB

The Crucial MX300 is innovative in a different aspect: the only released variant has a capacity of 750GB (other capacities and form factors will be released later this year). This is only the second SSD of this capacity to have ever been released: the previous one being the Samsung 840 Evo 750GB. This SSD has reached the EOL, or end of life, status and Samsung chose not to release a successor to it with the 850 Evo series. The fact that Crucial does release a 750GB drive is positive in our opinion, because thanks to this you do not have to buy a 1TB SSD when 500GB is not enough for you.

The MX300 750GB has a very friendly price tag, with a price per gigabyte of less than 32 cents. This means it is barely any more expensive than the BX200 budget series from Crucial.

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Crucial MX300 750GB

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