Skylake: DDR4 vs. DDR3 review

How does faster memory affect performance?


Power consumption (IGP)

Lastly we are covering the power consumption. We have heard a lot about the lower power consumption of DDR4, but according to our test DDR4 isn't any more power efficient than DDR3 in idle - at least on our custom settings at 1600 MHz. On a higher clock speed DDR4 of course uses more power, but that is fairly obvious. It's a shame that the motherboard we used did not support DDR3 memory with higher clock speeds.

It turns out that under load DDR4 is a bit more power efficient, though the differences are only marginal.

 Benchmark DDR3-1600 DDR4-1600 DDR4-2133 DDR3 vs. DDR4 DDR3-1600 vs. DDR4-2133
Power consumption - Cinebench 15 (max.) 97.7 96.5 97.1 1.2% 0.6%
Power consumption- 3DMark Cloud Gate (avg.) 57.3 56.3 57.3 1.7% 0.0%
Power consumption - Idle 28.8 28.8 29.4 0.0% -2.1%

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