SilverStone RVZ01 mini-ITX case review

SilverStone has proven again that they know as no other how to build a Mini-ITX case



When talking about Mini-ITX formats, two things stand out in the current market. Firstly there have been a lot of manufacturers releasing products in this form factor over the last few years, secondly that a few players have been using this format for a longer time than that. On of the most widely knows brands for Mini-ITX is SilverStone. They have released a long line of Mini-ITX form factor cases, and we have tested a lot of them over the years. The latest addition to this is the Raven RVZ01, and we must admit it lives up to the SilverStone legacy.

SilverStone has been in the marlet for years releasing small form factor cases, to be used for compact desktops, thin client PC's and HTPC's. The compact desktop category is mainly used for small powerful system with a dedicated graphics card, where the thin client category normally does not have room for these add ons, maybe a low profile card at best. Some time ago SilverStone introduced the Raven RVZ01, a compact, thin case but one with room for a full size graphics card.

SilverStone Raven RVZ01

When looking at the pictures the RVZ01 does not seem like much, but when you actually see in in real life the case is the size of the compact desktops released by OEM manufacturers like Dell and HP. On its side the case measures 37cm by 35cm, not the smallest of Mini-ITX cases we have come across, but certainly not the largest. One of the things we are most interested in is to see if SilverStone has managed to keep the noiselevels under control in such a small case.

On average the case will cost around £ 60, a price we can not class as expensive, but there are cheaper cases on the market. The fact is that you will also have to account for a SFX PSU when using this case that will have to be purchased seperately.  The price for these PSU varies, but when purchased from SilverStone direct these are an additional £ 80, making the total price for the case something to take in account.


We have tested this case against other Mini-ITX cases we have reveiwed in the past that also have room for a full sized dedicated graphics card. We have found that when comparing the case to the really big competition like Bitfenix, Coller Master and Corsair it is quite small, but even against the more moderately sized cases the RVZ01 does look smaller. SilverStone's own Sugo SG05 is smaller than the Raven, and against the cube shaped cases the RVZ01 is less tall, however it is quite a bit wider when used horizontal.

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