Corsair Obsidian 450D review: Corsair strikes again

The new Obsidian delivers on almost all fronts



The Obsidian cases are Corsair's most high end range, with the 900D as it's flagship model. The rest of the range consists of the 750D, the quiet 550D, the micro ATX 350D and the mini ITX 250D. There was still room for a mid-range ATX model in between the 750D and the 350D and that is exactly what Corsair has introduced with the Obsidian 450D, a mid range ATX case with modest dimension while still offering plenty of room for full sized ATX motherboards. The 450D is very interesting if you are looking for a good mid-range case that won't break your bank account. We tested this new case from Corsair and weren't disappointed. 

Corsair now has a massive selection of cases, you could start wondering when they will stop expanding their line-up. To differentiate the cases they have split them up into four different ranges, the Obsidian, Graphite, Carbide and Vengeance-series. Despite this it's not always clear, for example if you are looking for a quiet case you can either choose the Obsidian 550D or the Carbide 330R. If you are looking for a budget case there's the Carbide 200R and 300R but also the Graphite 230T. The Obsidian line includes the most high end models but the top of the Graphite models are very similarly priced. One thing is clear though, even the most demanding user should be able to find a Corsair case which meets their needs, assuming you like the design of course. 

We never judge appearance of cases or let it influence our final verdict but the Obsidian range looks very good since the introduction of the 900D if you ask us. The sleek look features a recognisable front design with gap around the edge to take in air, although the design is slightly upset when adding 5,25" drives. The 450D follows the same design philosophy as the 900D and the 750D (the 550D is the only one in the range which looks different, but this case has been on the market longer and is specifically designed to be quiet). The 450D is a lot smaller than the two previously mentioned cases and with a suggested retail price of $120 also more affordable. 

Corsair Obsidian 450D

In comparison

The volume of 50 litres based on the outer dimensions emphasis the fact that the 450D is a mid range case, and not even a very large one at that. We compared it to 21 other cases we have reviewed, all of which are designed to cool fairly capable systems. This includes several other models from Corsair, including the much bigger 750D and the Carbide 500R. The price of $120 is right in the middle of all the tested cases, question is how the case will perform. 

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