Thecus N2310 Review: NAS with PowerPC processor

Different hardware, good performance


In practice

The Thecus OS6 firmware is pretty expansive. The start screen gives you access to the main features of the NAS, which means the shared folders and RAID management. The other features are located under system management which can be accessed by clicking a button in the top left corner. 

Thecus N2310
The start screen of the firmware.

Thecus integrated a lot of features and makes a clear distinction between the hardware options and the features. A number of apps are pre-installed, such as Plex for streaming to other devices such as tablets, smartphones, and TVs via one of the many clients available. There is also the Bittorent download program Transmission and a photo album. 

Thecus N2310
The control panel of the N2310.

The Thecus App Center has more apps such as NZB Package with (SABnzbd Plus, Sickbeard, Couchpotato and Headphones) and the alternative DLNA server Serviio. The number of apps is lower than before, but that's because of the new OS and the fact that it's the first Thecus NAS to run on a PowerPC processor. 

Thecus N2310
The NAS App Center

There are still some rough edges in some of the features, and the N2310 is also a little noisier than many other NAS devices. You also won't find any support for business-oriented things like iSCSI and Active Directory.

Thecus has a number of mobile apps as well. T-onTheGo is based on Webdav and lets you sync your mobile devices to your NAS and services like Dropbox. It also lets you view and play files. The T-Dashboard offers some management options.

Thecus N2310
Mobile app T-onTheGo

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