Iiyama ProLite XB2483HSU review: true colours

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When you're looking for a 23- or 24-inch Full HD monitor below £200, there is so much choice it's difficult to know what you should buy. Since monitor manufacturers don't really make it clear what the differences are, you could get the impression that it doesn't matter so much what you choose. Nothing could be further from the truth, when you look at actual test results. With a little research, you can find yourself a diamond in the rough, such as this Iiyama ProLite XB2483HSU.

The specifications manufacturers put on the box actually say very little about how the monitor looks and performs. Almost every manufacturer claims a contrast of 1000:1, a brightness of 250-300 cd/m² and 1, 2 or 5 ms. These figures are of course based on real tests, but they don't tell you how they did the measurements.

When you're standing in the store it's easy to therefore primarily focus on the price, but there are many more important differences than just cost. That much has become clear from many years of testing computer monitors. Brightness uniformity varies drastically, as do response times and contrast.

If you've invested a large sum of money in your desktop PC, it's definitely worth it to do your homework when it comes to the screen. Your monitor will likely outlast your graphics card, CPU and perhaps even the entire system if you like to frequently upgrade. Since there are so many monitors on the market, we try to test as many as we can get our hands on, so we can tell you which ones to buy and which ones to avoid.

Iiyama ProLite XB2483HSU-B1

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Iiyama ProLite XB2483HSU-B1

24 inch, 1920x1080, 92 ppi, AMVA, DVI input, HDMI input, 4 ms, 250 cd/m², 3000 : 1

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