SSD showdown: 36 256GB and 512GB SSDs tested

All current models tested and compared!



Unless you're sporting really old hardware, an SSD is the best sure-fire way to boost the performance of your desktop or laptop computer. There is so much choice now it's difficult to know whether there is a significant difference between various SSDs and which one is the best for you. Well, you've come to the right place. We tested 36 recent models. 

SSDs keep going down in price, currently heading towards the 50 eurocent per gigabyte level. The average is still around € 0.80 per GB. This downwards trend has had an impact on which size SSD is the most popular. For a long time the 120/128 GB models were the main affordable option, but the focus has now shifted to 240/256 GB SSDs. This is a much more practical size as well, allowing enough room for your OS, main software, documents and even your most precious photos. 128 GB can be on the meagre side. Models with a capacity of 480/512 GB are beginning to gain in popularity as well, but these are still reserved for the more wealthy consumer.

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