QNAP TS-470 review: a new benchmark

A powerhouse in NAS terms



The design of the QNAP TS-470 looks exactly like that of the other QNAP NAS devices we've tested, but looks can be deceiving. Inside, a 2.6 GHz processor is churning away, and with no less than four gigabit ethernet ports this is a NAS powerhouse. 

We frequently test NAS devices and like other product segments, one innovation follows another. We try to make our tests demanding enough in order to create a clear distinction between the various products and models. We have now gotten to a point – this QNAP TS-470 is the perfect example – where we need to overhaul our tests in order to stay ahead of the curve.

From the front the TS-470 looks the same as the TS-469 Pro.

Most NAS devices run on an ARM-based processor, energy-efficient chips that are well-suited for a versatile device. These chips are slowly gaining in power, to the point that in many tests they're able to get the most out of a gigabit port. Intel is also active with its Atom processors, dominating the deluxe NAS segment. The new Evansport Atom family (CE5315 and CE5335) are used for the higher mid-range segment.

Above that segment things also aren't standing still. If you have an OS that works with Intel X86 processors, why not use one of the more powerful models? It's a trend that also the more compact models such as the QNAP TS-470 fall under, a NAS with Intel Celeron (dual-core 2.6 GHz) and 2 GB of RAM. It's a configuration not far removed from an entry-level PC and it has no less than four gigabit network ports.  

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