Alienware X51 R2 review: compact gaming system

Compact Alienware desktop


Alienware Command Center

The Alienware Command Center software lets you adjust the external lighting, create shortcuts and monitor your PC.

Dell Alienware X51 R2
Alienware AlienAdrenaline lets you adjust the lighting. 

You're able to record the performance data so you can analyse the system's performance during games. AlienFusion manages the energy consumption of your PC, so you could for example lower the settings while you're watching a movie.

Dell Alienware X51 R2
Alienware AlienFusion for power management.

Dell Alienware X51 R2
Alienware Adrenaline monitors system performance.

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Dell Alienware X51 R2

Desktop, Intel Core i7 4770, 8 GB, Nvidia GeForce GTX 670, 1256 GB, Microsoft Windows 8

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