Alienware X51 R2 review: compact gaming system

Compact Alienware desktop


For gamers

If the specs didn't convince you that this is a gaming system, perhaps the special ‘Alienware Gaming Services’ will. It's a service designed solely for helping you optimise games.

Dell Alienware X51 R2

The Alienware X51 R2 comes with gaming peripherals such as an optical mouse and a multimedia keyboard from Alienware. Those look like gaming products, but the mouse is a bit on the light side and doesn't have any extra gaming functions. The keyboard is of a higher level of quality. It has a good keystroke for a standard keyboard, even if it doesn't gave lots of extra features. For some strange reason it's not possible to order Alienware's own (and better) gaming accessories when you order the X51 R2. 

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Dell Alienware X51 R2

Desktop, Intel Core i7 4770, 8 GB, Nvidia GeForce GTX 670, 1256 GB, Microsoft Windows 8

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