Corsair RM Series 750W PSU review: affordable perfection

Tested and compared to other 700-800 watt PSUs



Corsair recently introduced its new RM series to succeed the TX line of power supplies. The focus is on silence, according to Corsair, but they should also perform well in other areas and carry an appealing price tag.  We tested the 750W model to find out whether the new series lives up to those claims.

Corsair again worked together with CWT (Channel Well Technology), which has become the main supplier in recent years for Corsair. The PSUs follow the single-rail design and are 80Plus Gold certified. The 750W model can supply up to 62.5A on the 12V rail, which means that it's capable of supplying its entire capacity on the most important 12V rail. The 5V and 3.3V rails can supply up to 25A.

Corsair RM750

The power supply is entirely modular, including the motherboard cable. It comes with 7 molex connectors, 8 SATA and 4 6/8-pin PEG connectors. SLI and Crossfire are supported, in other words. The cables are flat and don't need to be sleeved. As far as cables go, they look pretty sharp.

The PSU is cooled by a 13 cm fan and it's semi-passive, meaning that the fan remains off under lighter loads. Officially the limit is a 40 percent load, but in our 500W test the fan stayed motionless for 20 minutes. 

Corsair RM750

The slanted edges give this PSU a unique look, and the matte black colour will fit nicely in any chassis. A nice feature is the compatibility with Corsair Link, the software that lets you monitor and manage various aspects of the hardware in your PC. Since the RM power supply is analogue, the Link features are limited to the fan speed and 12V voltage. The Corsair Link adapter is not included to keep the price down. For this power supply, unlike the Corsair AXi series, it's not quite as useful, however.

The RM750 is relatively affordable, with an average price of £98 / € 112. That's less than what you pay for many 750W 80Plus Bronze power supplies, and this is Gold certified. The other RM models are equally affordable. 

Corsair RM750

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Corsair RM750

750 W, 92 %, 80 Plus Gold, Modular, 62.5 A

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