Be Quiet! Power Zone 650W / 750W review: affordable quality

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The German power supply manufacturer Be Quiet! launched a new series of affordable 80Plus Bronze PSUs under the name Power Zone. We tested the 650W and 750W models.

Be Quiet! developed the new Power Zone line of products in order to provide customers with energy-efficient power supplies that are also affordable. The series has four different models: 650W, 750W, 850W and 1000W. They're all based on a design by FSP, who also manufactures the power supplies. Be Quiet! claims it has optimised the PSUs in a number of ways. They're 80Plus Bronze certified and should be up to 90 percent efficient according to the manufacturer. 

Be quiet! Power Zone 750W

The PSUs have a single-rail design. The 650W, 750W, 850W and 1000W models can supply up to 54A, 62A, 70A and 83A on the 12V line. The 5V and 3.3V rails supply up to 25A. The 650W and 750W models we tested have the same number of connectors: 4x molex, 8x SATA and 4x 6/8-pin PEG. That makes these PSUs perfectly suitable for SLI and Crossfire.

They're equipped with a 13.5 cm Be Quiet! Silent Wings fan with variable speed depending on the load. These PSUs are not semi-passive. 

Be quiet! Power Zone 750W

We like the design of the Power Zone power supplies, but to keep the price down plastic was used of course. They're still completely modular, even the motherboard cable can be removed. The cables are all sleeved. You can also connect up to three fans to it, and there's a a power switch.

The 650W model costs and average of £82 / €102 and the 750W model an average of £97 / €117. While you can find even more affordable power supplies of course, these are cheaper than average. 

Be quiet! Power Zone 650W


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Be quiet! Power Zone 650W

650 W, 90 %, 80 Plus Bronze, Modular, 54 A

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Be quiet! Power Zone 750W

750 W, 90 %, 80 Plus Bronze, Modular, 62 A

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