Hardware.Info Taiwan Tour 2013: Thecus

On location at Thecus in Taipei



Hardware.Info recently took a trip to Taiwan and visited the major technology manufacturers on the island. The coming days we will share our observations and what we learned from the various conversations we had with industry people on location. Our first report comes from NAS manufacturer Thecus.

NAS manufacturer Thecus was founded in 2004 and is located in the eastern part of Taipei in a large business park. They claim to be market leader in Asia, and that they're sixth-largest in the world for NAS devices. At Thecus HQ we spoke to Vice President of Technical Marketing John Tsai and PR specialist Orrin Snelgar. They gave us a tour of their offices, provided background information on Thecus and took the opportunity to introduce us to a new entry-level 2-bay NAS, the N2310.

Thecus is located on the 15th floor in one of these buildings.

What some of our readers perhaps don't know is that Thecus evolved from former motherboard manufacturer ABIT. In the late 90s and early 2000s, they were known for very innovative products. When ABIT was sold to USI, general manager Florence Shih left the company and took with him many developers and other employees. A large part of the Thecus development team still consists of former ABIT people.

John Tsai says that those roots are an important reason for why Thecus is so forward-thinking when it comes to hardware. Thecus can pride itself on a number of impressive milestones. The first eSATA NAS in 2005, the first NAS with RAID for home users in 2007, the first SMB NAS with 10 Gigabit Ethernet in 2010 and more recently the first NAS with an HDMI port and the first one to have an Intel Atom CE5315 ‘Evan Sport’ SoC.

Working together with Intel is important for Thecus. In part due to the ABIT roots, Thecus is an important partner for Intel and frequently is one of the first to receive new Intel technology. Thecus even claims to provide Intel with reference platforms for Atom CPUs intended for storage solutions. Thecus also has software partnerships, such as with McAfee (which currently is part of Intel). All Thecus consumer and business NAS devices are equipped with McAfee anti-virus software, which allegedly is faster and more thorough than the open source Clam AV engine-based anti-virus tools used by the competition. When you buy a Thecus NAS you get a two- or three-year McAfee virus software license.

We spoke to John Tsai, Vice President of Technical Marketing

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