MSI Master Overclocking Arena 2013 Photo Report

Pictures from MSI's big overclocking event in Taiwan


Master Overclocking Arena 2013

16 overclockers from all over the world compete today at MSI's Master Overclocking Arena 2013 event in Taiwan. Their goal: set some record breaking results in the SuperPi 32M, Cinebench 11.5 and 3DMark Fire Strike benchmarks. Hardware.Info is on site and we'll update this article during the day with new photos and results.

Friday October 18th - The battle

The 16 competing overclockers were selected through regional qualifiers. The competition on MOA2013's day one consists of three benchmarks:  SuperPi 32M, Cinebench 11.5 and 3DMark Firestrike. All overclockers will be using the exact same hardware:

  • MSI Z87 MPower Max
  • MSI N780 Lightning
  • Intel Core i7 4770K
  • Plextor M5 Pro 256GB

Mainboards and graphics cards were provided some time go, giving all overclockers enough time to do all modifications they need. CPUs and other components are provided on site. There's one extra MPower Max and N780 Lightning available for every contestant. If someone bricks two mainboards or GPUs, he's out.

Using own hardware or pre-installed tuned operating systems is not allowed. This way MSI wants to create a level playing field. Of course all contestants can use their own overclocking gear like LN2 pots.

MSI's schedule provides two to three hours for every benchmark. Between 10:40 and 12:40 (Taiwan time, UTC+8) the overclockers will compete in SuperPi 32M. Between 12:40 and 14:40 the matter at hand is Cinebench 11.5. There's three hours between 14:40 and 17:40 to compete in 3DMark Fire Stike.

For every benchmark MSI set a baseline score: 7 min. 3.441 sec. in SuperPi 32M, 8.93 points in Cinebench 11.5 and 9891 points in 3DMark Fire Strike. The overclockers should aim at achieving the highest percentual score increase. The final result of the day is a weighted average of gained performance boosts in the three benchmarks: SuperPi 40%, Cinebench 20% and 3DMark Fire Strike 40%. There's $ 3000, $ 2000 and $ 1000 hard cash waiting for the top 3 contestants. And yes, that's US dollars. 

Saturday October 19th - Freestyle

On Saturday the overclockers go freestyle. With their weapons of choice - MSI Z87 of X79 mainboards, MSI GeForce graphics cards, Haswell or Ivy Bridge-E CPUs - they'll be trying to set new world records in ten benchmarks / tests: 

  • Haswell CPU clock frequency
  • SuperPi 32M
  • XTU
  • Cinebench 11.5 with 4 cores
  • Cinebench 11.5 with 6 cores
  • 3DMark Vantage Performance
  • 3DMark11 Performance with a single GeForce GTX 780
  • 3DMark Fire Strike with a single GeForce GTX 780
  • Unigene Heaven Extreme with a single GPU
  • Memory clock frequecy

MSI's promising $ 1000 for every world record broken. Corsair's tossing in another $ 1000 for every world record broken with Corsair memory modules.


Here's the list of the 16 contestants at MOA2013:

  • Korea: OC_Windforce
  • Brazil: Rbuass and Gnidaol
  • Australia: SniperOZ and JJJC
  • Ukraine: Cyclone and T0lsty
  • Poland: Xtreme_Addict
  • USA: Mikecdm
  • Canada: FTW
  • South Africa: Vivi
  • Russia: Smoke
  • Italy: Giorgioprimo
  • Japan: Gyrock
  • Indonesia: Lucky_n00b
  • Denmark: Zzolio

Live broadcast

Our good friends at Overclocking TV do a live broadcast of MOA2013. Here's there stream:

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