ASUS GTX760 DirectCU Mini OC review: compact GeForce GTX 760

Tested and compared to five other GTX 760s


Cooling and noise production

We measure the temperature of graphics cards via the drivers after two runs of the Metro 2033 benchmark. The result is good, with a temperature of 60 degrees. The compact design of the cooler doesn't seem to have a negative impact.

We are using a new method for measuring the noise levels. Graphics cards were the last product group that we did not test in our sound-proof box. We are able to do that now, and measure the noise at a 10 cm distance both when the card is idle and when under load. The load test is performed during a 3DMark Fire Strike Extreme GT2 run, after running 3DMark Fire Strike Extreme for 10 minutes to warm up the card.

The small cooler does have to work harder to keep temperatures down, which leads to more noise. 42.5 dB(A) when idle is a little too much, and 52.1 dB(A) under load is louder than the other GTX 760s. 

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