Nvidia Tegra 4: the first benchmarks

Extremely fast CPU, GPU as fast as the iPad's



We are currently testing the HP SlateBook x2, the first device with the Nvidia Tegra 4 chip we've been able to lay our hands on. The full review will follow shortly, but we wanted to share the benchmark results already. It's an incredibly powerful chip, so let's see how the Tegra 4 SoC  holds up in practice.

The Tegra 4-SoC from Nvidia, codenamed 'Wayne', was announced earlier this year at CES. The powerful chip is aimed at so-called 'superphones' and tablets. For more affordable smartphones, Nvidia will release the Tegra 4i, that was called 'Gray'.

While the two chips carry similar names, they are in fact very different SoCs. The Tegra 4i has four Cortex-A9 cores, but the Tegra 4 has four much faster Cortex-A15 cores. That's ARM’s fastest core design, positioned above the Cortex-A9 used in many of the common ARM chips. The GPU of the Tegra 4i also has fewer cores than the Tegra 4 (60 instead of 72). You can find more information about the Tegra 4i here.

HP SlateBook x2 (E3Z75EA)
The HP SlateBook x2 is the first Tegra 4 tablet we've tested.

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HP SlateBook x2 (E3Z75EA)

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