14 WQHD monitors group test: Full HD is so 2012

2560x1440 monitors: more choice, better prices



Most IT product categories tend to evolve rapidly, but developments in computer monitors have been decidedly slower. Although larger screens are slowly becoming more affordable, the most common resolution remains 1920x1080 pixels. Nonetheless, this year we're seeing more and more manufacturers release WQHD monitors. Hardware.Info collected 14 different models of these very impressive monitors and tested them to find out which is the best one to get.

Dell U2713H WQHD

In the world of tablets and smartphones, the different brands are trying to outdo each other with increasingly higher pixel densities. A few years back Apple broke the 300 pixels-per-inch threshold with the iPhone 4, and we're now getting close to 500 ppi with Full HD resolution on 5-inch screens. Apple has two MacBook Pro notebooks with high-resolution screens of 2880x1800 and 2560x1600 pixels on screens with a diagonal of 15 inches and 13 inches, respectively. Very recently, a number of Windows laptops have been announced and/or released with similar pixel densities. 

Separate computer monitors have been lagging behind, however. The 'higher-than-Full HD' resolution screens that we are looking at in this review are 27-inch monitors with a resolution of 2560x1440 pixels, or WQHD.

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