Shuttle SH87R6 review: potent Haswell mini PC

Mini powerhouse PC



Each time Intel launches a new series of processors, a whole slew of new products arrive shortly after using the new technology. Everything from motherboards to laptops and mini PCs, such as this SH87R6 from Shuttle. It's equipped with the new H87 chipset and is compatible with the latest Haswell processors.

Shuttle SH87R6

It sure is a compact little chassis. It's perfect for bringing along to LAN parties, or you can have yourself a powerful yet tiny portable PC. It's always been the strong side of Shuttle, putting lots of power in a very small space. It has a 300-watt PSU, processors can take up to 95 watts (such as the Haswell Intel Core i7-4770K) and you can put powerful graphics cards in it such as the AMD Radeon 7970 or the GeForce GTX680.

Shuttle SH87R6

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Shuttle SH87R6

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