Three 500 watt PSUs tested: Antec VP550F, Cooler Master B500 and Nexus NX-5000 V1

Three new 500 watt PSU compared with 22 other 500/550 watt PSUs



Three manufacturers sent us their new power supplies for the 500/550 watt segment. From Antec we received the VP550F, Cooler Master sent us the 500W B series model and Nexus provided their new NX-5000 V1. We will compare them to 22 other recently tested 500/550 watt PSUs.

500 watts is a popular segment these days. It's more than enough for powering an Ivy Bridge or Haswell CPU and a single mid-range or high-end graphics card. If you plan on using multiple GPUs and overclocking, you will need a more powerful PSU.

There's a lot of competition in the pricing in this segment. Spending money on a decent PSU is not a small part of the total price of building a capable PC system. For this reason manufacturers try to keep prices for their 500W PSUs as low as possible. The Antec VP550F is pretty affordable with an average price of € 63, the Nexus NX-5000V1 is even cheaper at € 58 and the Cooler Master B series 500W only costs a mere € 44. We'll find out whether the manufacturers cut too many corners, so keep on reading.

Nexus NX-5000 V1 550W


three products discussed in this review

  Product Lowest price

Antec VP550F

550 W, 87 %, 80 Plus, 37 A

Specifications Test results Reviews

Cooler Master B-Series 500W

500 W, 85 %, 80 Plus Bronze, 40 A

Specifications Test results Reviews

Nexus NX-5000 V1 550W

550 W, 85 %, 43 A

Specifications Test results Reviews

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