Linksys EA6700 review: dual-core high-end ac router

Better than the EA6500?



Linksys has decided to replace its 802.11n products as fast as possible with 802.11ac models, the new WiFi standard that's supposed to be ratified by the end of this year. The router manufacturer recently came with three new products at the same time, the EA6300, EA6400 and the EA6700. That last one is set to replace the EA6500, and looks pretty impressive on paper. We tested it to find out. 

In terms of design, Linksys hasn't strayed too far off the beaten path. The EA6700 largely looks like a router from the previous generation, which in its turn was based on the generation before it. It's a decent design, so it's not a bad thing per se to stick to a winning formula. The packaging did receive an update, it looks much more modern now with a black box and an explosion of 'connected' device. Gone is the traditional Linksys blue. 

Linksys EA6700

All connectors are located in the back, consisting of four LAN ports, one WAN port and two USB ports, one of which is USB 3.0. The rest of the features are a WPS button, a reset button and a power switch. So Linksys is stubbornly keeping the WPS button in the back, even if it's located in a more accessible place than before. It's a button we like having on the front, as some people can use it regularly. 


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