GeForce GTX 760 round-up: ASUS vs. MSI vs. EVGA vs. Inno 3D

Three GeForce GTX 760 cards tested and compared


Cooling and noise levels

With such a huge cooler, you expect Inno3D to have the best cooling performance. That's also the case, after two rounds of Metro 2033, the drivers only registered 49 degrees, and our thermometer read the same. ASUS did the worst with 65 degrees in the drivers, and 67 degrees according to our measurements. That's still within safety margins.

We are using a new method for measuring the noise levels. Graphics cards were the last product group that we did not test in our sound-proof box. We are able to do that now, and measure the noise at a 10 cm distance both when the card is idle and when under load. The load test is performed during a 3DMark Fire Strike Extreme GT2 run, after running 3DMark Fire Strike Extreme three times to warm up the card.

Idle the ASUS card is the most silent with 25.6 dB(A), followed by MSI with 29.2 dB(A), both inaudible. The EVGA and Inno3D cards are closer to 40 dB(A). That's still not loud, but too much for idle.

Under load, the MSI card is the quietest with only 35.8 dB(A). The Inno3D doesn't create much more noise than when idle, and takes second place. ASUS and especially EVGA are clearly louder.

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