Vast majority of gamers prefers 120 Hz monitors

Controlled test with 60 Hz and 120 Hz gaming monitors



When 86 percent of 50 gamers indicate they prefer gaming on a 120 Hz monitor, and 88 percent also correctly identified which refresh rate their monitor had, there's no doubt about it. Gaming on a 120 Hz really does provide a superior experience. During the event we more than once heard participants exclaiming they had to get one of those 120 Hz monitors soon. One gamer really didn't look forward to going back to their own 60 Hz screen.

The added value of a 120 Hz monitor does come at a price, literally. 120 Hz monitors are definitely more expensive than 60 Hz ones, and on top of that, to get the most out of your expensive new 120 HZ monitor, you need a very powerful graphics card. You don't really want to have one without the other. 

We'd like to thank AOC, ASUS and for providing the monitors for this 120 Hz event.  Here you can read about the specs of the  AOC G2460Pqu monitor we used.

AOC, ASUS, & Hardware.Info 120 Hz event

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AOC G2460Pqu

24 inch, 1920x1080, 92 ppi, TN, 144 Hz, DVI input, HDMI input, DisplayPort input, 1 ms, 350 cd/m², 1000 : 1

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