Uros Goodspeed review: MiFi, but bigger

MiFi in most of Europe


Pre-configured MiFi

Another solution is to buy a MiFi on location that's been configured for use with that particular country's internet providers. There are also MiFis for rent. In the Netherlands, Wereldwijd WiFi does this for example. They rent out different temporary internet packages. Uros, the company behind the product we're reviewing today, takes a different approach. You have to purchase the Goodspeed, which can hold up to 10 different SIM cards. If you're a globetrotter for business or pleasure, that can be a very practical solution.

On the Uros website you can select which countries you want to have internet access, and once you've received them you can place the pre-configured SIM cards inside the Goodspeed. Both SIM cards and the Goodspeed are available straight from the website. If you want to add more destinations afterwards, you can do that via your account on their website. The SIM cards are sent to you, but you still have to pay an activation fee. The Goodspeed costs 269 euros, and most countries cost € 5,90 per day for 500 MB. France, however, always a popular destination, costs € 16.90 per day, which is a lot. You get to keep the Goodspeed, but you'll want to use it a lot to get your money's worth. It does not support 4G. 

Since it can take 10 SIM cards simultaneously and contains a battery, it's not the smallest device compared to travel routers and traditional MiFis. It's comparable to a larger smartphone, but a bit chunkier. The Goodspeed also has a display that shows the strength of the signal and the WiFi password. You get the latter by pressing the button on the side a number of times.

Uros distinguishes between 'Family' and 'Extended Family' countries. The Netherlands, for example, belong to the second category. That means this country is not one of the options if you want to travel there, but you can buy your own Dutch SIM card and use it in the Goodspeed. The countries that below to the first category can by found in the Uros website. Popular destinations such as Spain are absent.

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