Intel NUC DC53427HYE review: mini means business

NUC now with USB 3.0 and vPro



Intel certainly knows how to present new products. Minor improvements are often dressed up as revolutionary updates, so it's no surprise that when the company introduced a mini PC, it's not just a normal mini, but the ‘Next Unit of Computing’. We did like the first edition of the NUC, except the fact that it lacked USB 3.0. That's something the more compact Gigabyte Brix did feature. The new DC53427HYE takes care of that part, and more. With the built-in vPro feature the NUC is now compatible with business applications.

Intel Next Unit of Computing DC53427HYE
Finally USB 3.0 on the Intel NUC.

The dimensions have remained exactly the same with 11.2x11.7x4.2 cm. So it's a compact PC, using the same type of hardware found in Ultrabooks. That means a very small mSATA SSD for storage, and two SO-DIMM memory slots, along with space for a wireless card. There are an increasing number of products available that can be combined with the NUC, such as the MD BRPCV01 from IIyama or the special passive case from Silverstone, even if the latter doesn't appear to be compatible with the newer NUC.

Intel Next Unit of Computing DC53427HYE
You can connect up to three monitors to the NUC.

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Intel Next Unit of Computing DC53427HYE

Mini PC, Intel Core i5 3427U, Socket 988B

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