Intel NUC DC53427HYE review: mini means business

NUC now with USB 3.0 and vPro



We compared the Intel NUC DC53427HYE to the Gigabyte Brix XM11-3337. The latter is equipped with an Intel Core i5-3337U. We also included in the charts the older Intel NUC DC3217IYE, with the Intel Core i3-3217U along with an Intel Postville 80 GB SSD. In the new NUC we put the more modern Plextor 128 GB M5M mSATA drive, the same one we put in the Gigabyte Brix. The scores are as we expected, and the new NUC performs slightly better than the Brix since the CPU is a little faster. It's interesting that the energy consumption of the new NUC is lower when idle compared to the Brix, but higher when in use.

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Intel Next Unit of Computing DC53427HYE

Mini PC, Intel Core i5 3427U, Socket 988B

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