WD Executive Summit: Trends in data storage

From SSD to HAMR and shingle/PMR



Storage solutions are evolving rapidly, that much was clear at the WD conference in Turkey. Western Digital, along with hard disk manufacturer HGST, provided a glimpse into the future. The presentations were given by WD executives Rich Rutledge, Sr. Vice President & General Manager Datacenter, and William Cain, Vice President Technology. 

The demand for storage keeps increasing from the world of business, cloud services and also consumers. Facebook, for example, makes 16 to 20 copies of each picture you post in order to make it quickly accessible anywhere in the world. A study by EMC, which provides business storage solutions, indicates that the amount of data that's created, copied and consumed increases by 46 percent each year. This growth occurs in a number of different segments, which can you see in the slide below, based on WD's own analysis.

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