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The Roccat Isku FX keyboard is an update of the Isku gaming keyboard. The only real change is that the backlight of the keyboard now can be in any of 16.8 million colors, as opposed to only blue. The new keyboard also works with Roccat Talk FX, which means you can use the lighting in a Philips Ambi-light kind of way.

For example, the game World of Tanks is able to communicate with the lights in the keyboard, and adjust it according to events taking place in the game. Not environments you're in, but things that are happening. The color can be green for when your vehicle is undamaged, orange when you take damage and it will flash red when you're destroyed. When you have an incoming message or loading a level, white light will flash. In the main menu it will be orange. We found it to be a cool addition to the gaming experience, but it in no way helps you play the game better. 

Roccat Isku FX

World of tanks is currently the only game that supports Roccat Talk FX, but there are some other things possible such as letting the color change when you're watching a movie. Considering Roccat Talk FX is one of the main selling points of the Isku FX keyboard, the lack of support for the feature is disappointing. For this reason it would be better if Roccat downplayed the emphasis on this feature, until a larger number of games and applications are fully supported. Otherwise consumers might come out a bit disappointed right now. Roccat did recently inform us that a big update is on the way for Roccat Talk FX, but they didn't know when exactly. Other products that support the same lighting effects are the Kone XTD, Kone Pure and Kone[+] mice.


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