Intel Core i7 4770K / Core i5 4670K / Core i5 4430 review: Haswell test

Intel's 4th generation core processors tested and compared



On Tuesday, June 4, Intel is launching its fourth generation Core processors, also known as Haswell. Tomorrow, June 2, the new CPUs will be available at a select few stores, but today we can already tell you in detail about the performance of Haswell with our comprehensive 49-page review. We took a closer look at the Intel Core i7 4770K, Core i5 4670K and Core i5 4430 processors. The first two are of course the official successors to the Core i7 3770K and Core i5 3570K. 

If you've followed the news surrounding Haswell in the past few months, you will already be familiar with the ins and outs of the new processors. In that case, you can go directly to page 13, which is the start of the benchmarks. In the first twelvepages we will go over all of the background info about Haswell.

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