12 budget motherboards reviewed: affordable foundation

12 Micro ATX motherboards for Intel and AMD processors



When you want to assemble a basic PC system, you have no use for numerous PCI-Express slots, SATA connectors and special overclocking features. So how much do you need to spend for a good motherboard that provides all the basics without a bunch of superfluous stuff? Which board is the best choice?

Whether it's a little all-round PC for family and friends or just a basic system to use on the side, sometimes what you want is a product without a bunch of bells and whistles. The most extravagant boards cost 150 euros and more, while for 60 euros you can already find a decent board in the budget segment that works fine with Intel or AMD processors. While the specifications perhaps aren't as exciting in this category, that doesn't mean that you can't find quality motherboards here.

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