10 dual-band routers round-up

5 x 2 x dual-band


D-Link DIR-826L and DIR-857

We tested two very different routers from D-Link, at least in terms of physical appearance. The DIR-857 looks like your average router, but the DIR-826L has a cylindrical design, kind of like a water boiler.  

D-Link DIR-826L
D-Link DIR-826L

The difference in price is also significant. The DIR-857 is by far the most expensive router in this test with an average price of 160 euros. The DIR-826L costs about 60 euros less. This difference also translates to the performance, as the DIR-857 is the fastest router in this test, while the DIR-826L is one of the slowest. 

D-Link DIR-857
D-Link DIR-857

An area where D-Link falls short in our opinion is the management of the router. The DIR-826L does belong to the 'cloud' line-up of D-Link, which means you don't have to go to the web interface to change certain settings. You can use an app on a smartphone or tablet, but the options aren't very extensive. For many things you're still relegated to the (aging) web interface, and the DIR-857 doesn't have the app option.

D-Link makes a mixed impression in this test. We like many things about the DIR-857, but it's expensive, and we wouldn't really recommend the DIR-826L unless you really like the design.

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