Preview: A guide to Windows Blue / Windows 8.1

Have a look around in the latest version of Windows 8



Windows Blue, or Windows 8.1 as it will potentially be called, was recently leaked. We couldn't help ourselves, and installed one of the leaked versions in a virtual environment so we could try it out. On the following pages we'll give you an impression of this significant update of Windows 8, build version 9364. Windows Blue is an early version, so it's perfectly possible that things you see here will not appear in the final release.

When you boot up Windows Blue for the first time, the start screens looks about the same as the current version of Windows 8. The most noticeable differences are all the way on the right. These are tiles for opening an alarm and stopwatch feature, a calculator, an audio recorder, and a video editing app called Movie Moments. The desktop environment also looks the same, save for the big warning about unauthorized use or disclosure. They apparently should have made it even bigger.

On the right you see a few new standard apps.

Other than the warning the desktop looks the same as in Windows 8.

With Movie Moments you can edit videos, even if the app was a little buggy in this early build. 

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