Preview: A guide to Windows Blue / Windows 8.1

Have a look around in the latest version of Windows 8



Windows Blue or Windows 8.1, whatever it will be called, in any case these early builds make it clear that Microsoft is continuing down the same path of Windows 8. Microsoft seems to be doing its best to optimize the OS for touch operation, which is really apparent from the settings menu in the start screen that is becoming more and more a real alternative to the Configuration screen. 

The updates aren't drastic by any means, but they make sense and seem to add clever functions that are likely to be appreciated by current Windows 8 users. While this is an early build, it still feels more thought-through than the current official version of Windows 8. At the same time, it doesn't do anything to bridge the gap between Windows 7/Vista/XP and the new environment, it remains a big transition.

It's unclear whether everything in this preview will make it to the final version of Windows Blue / 8.1 and perhaps there will be even more additions, but it does appear to be a positive and constructive evolution of Windows 8. 

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