Hardware.Info tests lifespan of Samsung SSD 840 250GB TLC SSD [Updated with final conclusion]

So how long does a Samsung 840 SSD really last?


Update 1 (April 10)

It’s been more than a week now (8 days to be exact) since we started our SSD lifespan test with the Samsung 840 SSD with TLC flash memory. In that timespan we wrote 97,02 TB onto the Samsung 840 250GB SSD. Assuming an average of 10 GB of writes per day, that translates to 27 years of normal use.

The Wear Level indicator is now at 59. According to the S.M.A.R.T. data all memory cells of the SSD have been filled up 406 times. That means that we have passed 41 % of the official lifespan. In this tempo it should take about three weeks of continual writing before we reach the end of the official lifespan of the SSD, where the Wear Level indicator should be at 0.

One preliminary conclusion we can make is that Samsung’s wear levelling algorithms work well, also with static data. We’ll know for sure at the end. If that static data would never be moved, only 256 – 121 = 135 GB of flash memory would be available for writing. The official lifespan would then end after 1000 x 135 GB = 135 TB. Fortunately that does not seem to be the case.  

The big question remains how long the SSDs will keep working after the end of their official lifespan. Stay tuned!

Below is a screenshot of the current status, and you can track the progress live with our stream on page one.

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