Netatmo review: weather station with app

Your personal weather station



These days there is quite a bit of choice among weather stations. Usually they feature a large display and modules that have to be placed outside your home. The French company Netatmo has released a new weather station, in a very '2013' interpretation. You still need sensors outside to get accurate readings, but the data is presented in a very different way.

When you put Netatmo's product next to a typical weather station from your local hardware store, it looks nothing like them. The Netatmo Personal Weather Station consists of two sleek cylinders, each constructed in a single piece of durable aluminium. You also get a USB cable, power adapter, batteries and manual, but no display or anything else.  

Two aluminium cylinders make up the Netatmo weather station.

But you don't need a display. The Netatmo system works with apps, and operating it can be compared to the Sonos audio system that's entirely software-controlled. Netatmo has iOS apps for the iPad and iPhone, and also supports Android from version 4.0 and up. Netatmo informed us that Mac and PC software is on the way for release this year as well, along with a web version. The larger of the two cylinders has to be plugged into a wall socket and connected to your home network. The smaller one is to be placed outside, preferably covered and not directly on the ground. It has a hole for mounting it on the wall as well. Four AAA batteries (included) power the outdoor module. 

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