Matrox DS1 review: a practical Thunderbolt dock

A docking station with Thunderbolt


Hardware and in practice

We extensively tested the Matrox DS1 with a new 13-inch Apple MacBook Air and a somewhat older Apple Mac mini. The DS1 worked right-away with both computers. The USB 3.0 port and the active gigabit connection worked like they should with good transfer rates. When we connected a USB 3.0 SSD it also performed very well when connected to the USB 3.0 port on the Matrox DS1.

When you open up the DS1 you'll find a PCM2912A audio codec from Texas Instruments, a USB 3.0 controller from Fresco Logic, a Broadcom BCM57781 gigabit controller, an NXP LPC1114F controller, and a basic (and cheap) ARM Cortex M0 controller. All of them are placed around an Intel controller which provides the connection with the Thunderbolt controller.

Matrox DS1 Thunderbolt Docking Station (DVI)
The interior of the Matrox DS1.


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