Mid-range smartphone round-up

What can you get for less than 300 euros?



The high-end smartphones from the big manufacturers are of course the most ground-breaking and exciting products. However, not everyone has the budget for buying them separately, and getting tied to a two or three-year subscription isn't always the most appealing option. Smartphones have evolved to a point where the mid-range segment is getting more and more impressive hardware, and they're priced much more appealingly. We tested and compared 10 mid-range smartphones costing no more than 300 euros and featuring a screen resolution of at least 800x480.

We wanted to include one phones from each manufacturer that is active in this segment. That doesn't mean that it's the only mid-range phone a certain brand has, but in order for this group test to not get too crowded, we limited it to one per company. The one exception we made is for Samsung, as it has two mid-range phones that are interesting for different reasons.

Many of these we covered in separate reviews already, but we felt it was useful to create a round-up that focuses on their differences and commonalities so you can get a clear idea of what's what in the mid-range smartphone market. You will find links to the original reviews as well.

We'll cover the phones in alphabetical order.

10 betaalbare smartphones

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