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Zalman is an established name in the world of PC hardware, even if it's lost some of its dominance in recent years. This year we've had some pleasant surprises from the company, like in the shape of the Z9 Plus, and today we are taking a closer look at the larger Z11 Plus. They are very affordable, and you get a lot quality for your money.

There was a time that the CPU cooler to get was from Zalman. One of the first complete liquid cooling sets came from Zalman, the imposing Reserator 1 Plus. Zalman also excelled at making computer chassis, from the deluxe aluminium Z-Machine to the practical MS1000-HS2.

In recent years the Korean brand has been quieter, however, so we were happy to see the Z9 Plus perform so well in our group test of budget chassis. So when we had the opportunity to test the Z11 Plus, we couldn't resist.

The Z11 Plus costs an average of $81, but its specifications and dimensions are those of significantly more expensive chassis. Reason enough to submit it to our tests!

Zalman Z11 Plus


It proved to be a bit of a challenge to find a lot of comparison material for the Z11 Plus. We've only a handful of chassis that are directly comparable in terms of pricing. All except for the Z9 Plus and  Corsair Carbide 200R are more expensive. The cheaper models are usually in a different segment when it comes to size and features, and that's the case with those two. The Sharkoon Rebel9 Pro Window was part of the earlier group test, but has since gone up in price and now costs slightly more than the Z11 Plus. The Antec Three Hundred Two is slightly more expensive, and the Corsair 300R even more so.

To paint a better picture, we included some mid-range entry-level chassis, and also the popular (but more expensive) Cooler Master CM 690 and the Lian Li PC-7HX. The latter is an example of a stripped-down high-end chassis that performs well yet remains affordable.

Below we listed all of the exterior dimensions of each chassis we are referring to in this test:

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Zalman Z11 Plus

Tower, ATX, Black, Window, 5 fans

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