Sony Xperia Z review: Sony's flagship Full HD phone

Full HD and an attractive design



2013 is the year of the Full HD smartphone. At least in the high-end segment, because of course it will take a while before it also becomes the standard for the more affordable phones. Today we are taking a closer look at the first Full HD smartphone from Sony, the Xperia Z. 

That Sony is one of the first manufacturers to come out with a Full HD smartphone is a bit of a surprise, since Sony traditionally is one of the late-comers with releasing its new flagship model compared to the other big players. Not only that, Sony's high-end phones often also had less impressive hardware specifications than the competition. Sony apparently wants to change this trend. The 5-inch Xperia Z has an impressive 441 ppi. 

Sony Xperia Z Black

The ironic thing is that Sony could actually be too early with the Xperia Z compared to the competition. That's because the Xperia Z runs on the quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 (APQ8064), while the LG Optimus G Pro and the HTC One are equipped with the very latest SoC from Qualcomm, the Snapdragon 600. That chip is a little faster, better and more advanced. It's a bit inevitable in a world of continual technological development, where manufacturers have to make a decision at some point that this is the chip they will use instead of waiting for the next new and improved version. Then there's the question of whether you will notice much difference in everyday use between the chip in the Xperia Z and the Snapdragon 600.


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